PS Zindagi

A sitcom set in the post-earthquake context of Nepal, P.S. Zindagi revolves around the daily lives of five urban youth in Kathmandu P.S. Zindagi, short for Post Seismic Zindagi, is the first of its kind Nepali-English sitcom being released as a web-series. Set in the post-earthquake context, it shows how five Nepali youth from diverse backgrounds carry on with their lives, following the April 25 quake. With a nondescript apartment building in the middle of old Kathmandu as the backdrop, we see these new-found neighbors thrown inextricably together to wade through unlikely friendships, relationships and frequent aftershocks. The tremors come unexpectedly, adding a dramatic and often comical dimension to the situations these characters find themselves in. The series follows their relationships and their eccentricities as they get used to their P.S. Zindagis, and to one another. Watch it, to see drama, romance, dreams, and comedy unfold in the shaky lives of these Kathmandu youngsters Starring Rajkumar Pudasaini, Sujata Koirala, Utpal Jha, Kavita Srinivasan


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